What people are saying

My Corneal decompensation with Corneal lesions is now restored to Vision 6/6 both eyes with glasses, this is all possible because of Dr. Sharma.

Akshey Kumar . Corneal

I was suffered with the fish hook injury with Central Corneal perforation with Lens Perforation with Vitreous prolapse etc. I was operated 25 yrs back and till now is with perfect 6/6 Vision,
Thanks to Dr. S.P. Sharma

Mr. Khan . Corneal

Dr. Sharma is very wonderful person. He understands my medical problem and treat my problem with patience

Mr. Raghav . Diabetic Retinopathy

Very good service, was very helpful, Doctor Sharma responds promptly. I am very happy that i visited Drishti Eye Clinic. Overall I wish all the best.

Mrs. Satya Sharma . Catarct

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